Production Log 25/02/2010

February 25, 2010 at 3:58 pm (A2 Media, Advanced Portfolio)

Today I was constructing my film magazine cover. This has to include my film on the front cover. I need to take another image to place on my front cover because my current image doesn’t advertise the film very well on its own. I will have my current image still present on my magazine cover but as a smaller image. For my new splash image I will take a picture of a person wearing the mask I made for my film. I have constructed the rest of the cover so that the only element that is missing is the splash image. It is now just a case of getting the image and placing it in the document. I also did some research into image selection which will help me with my film magazine cover.

I have learnt that you need to always have a backup plan when you are designing magazines because if the first idea doesn’t workout then you are not at a total loss.

Next lesson I will have the image to place on the magazine cover and then it should be compete.


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