Magazine Mock Ups and Final Designs

March 12, 2010 at 4:06 pm (AS Media, Foundation Portfolio, Main Task)

These are my magazine mock-ups for my front cover, contents page and double page spread.

The reason that I used the housestyle of blue and orange is because it symbolises the colours of a court jester. The reason that I wanted this is because it is a comedy music magazine and jesters were comical musicians to entertain the court. The font used for the masthead is called Blackmoor LET and I decided to use this because to me it looks like the text is laughing and smiling. It also goes well with the jester theme. The text that I used for ‘interview’ and ‘plus’ is a sketchy, cartoon type text which goes along with the comedy aspect of the magazine.

For my final design I will be using the same layout and house style, the only elements I will be changing are the images as these are slightly blurred and I need a nice crisp image for a magazine.

For this mock-up, I decided to invert the colour just to make the magazine a little different. This can also be seen in the music magazine Kerrang. I decided to add an advert for an album at the bottom of the page as it is a music magazine. Again I’m sticking to the whole jester theme with the colours and the text. Bradley Hand is the font that is used for the contents list because it gives a handwritten feel to the page.

For my final design, it will be almost exactly the same however I may change a couple of images and the positioning of the text in the list of contents.

For this double-page spread, I decided to use the same style as the front cover and have the orange text on the blue background. For the main body of the text I used the font arial because it is a very simple and easily read font. I also made sure the answers were white text because it just makes them stand out more on the page. I also gave the text a black shadow just to emphasise the text and make sure that it is readable. I also used the same text fonts that were used on the front cover just to keep it consistent.

For my final design I will be using the same layout but I might change the images and their positions as well as the housestyle of the page.

These are my final designs for my magazine.

This is my front cover. I decided to change the splash image because the previous image was slightly blurred and not very clear. I prefer this image because it follows traditional magazine conventions with the splash image positioned over the masthead. The only elements of the mock-up that I have kept the same are the barcode, colour scheme, layout and the lure of a free CD, other than that I have changed quite a lot from the mock-up. I changed the splash text simply because I think that this font is a lot easier to read and I wanted to keep it to just one font rather than two like on the mock-up. I decided to give the splash text a white outline so it stands out a lot more on the page, plus the text is on the white jacket of my image. The text used on the ticker at the bottom has two different fonts as you can see. The first font is the same as the splash text to keep consistency and the second font I used because I think it best represents the character of AliCat with the curliness of the font makes it look like cat’s tails. I also changed the second image on the front cover because it is a clean and crisp image compared to the mock-up which was slightly out of focus and just not as good as the image I have used here. The outline that I have used on this image is in a white compared to the orange used in the mock-up, this is because I think that the use of white here makes the image stand out better. I have also increased the size of the ticker at the bottom just so the magazine is in better proportion and that I have filled the empty space of the splash image up more efficiently.

This is my final contents page. This page is almost exactly the same as the mock-up however the only element that I have changed is in fact the font used in the box out and the captions. The font used for the box out and captions is the same as the splash text on my final front cover. The use of this font is in my opinion is a lot clearer and easier to read compared to the mock-up. I used the same font for the masthead. The reason that I used the same fonts is to keep consistency within the magazine.

This is my final double-page spread. Like my contents page, this double-page spread is almost exactly the same as the mock-up. The only elements that I changed was the mastheads as I inverted the colours just like the contents page. The reason for this is simply including randomness within the magazine to go along with the theme of comical music. I also changed three images on this page because these are a lot clearer and work better with the page than those used in the mock-up. Other than these changes, everything else is the same.


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