Film Magazine Templates, Mock-Ups and Final Deigns

March 18, 2010 at 4:02 pm (A2 Media, Advanced Portfolio)

This is my magazine template which I planned according to traditional film magazine conventions except from the barcode as that is generally positioned in the bottom left-hand corner. I decided to put the barcode here to see what it will look like.

This is my first mock-up. I used the same image as my film poster. The only problem with this is that it is very grainy and it doesn’t really follow traditional film magazine conventions as they always have a sharp and glossy image on the front covers.  This mock-up is a different layout to the template as I have no secondary image and I have placed the barcode in a different position as this is where other film magazines generally place their barcodes on the bottom left or right hand side. The other problems with this mock-up is that there is no ticker at the bottom so it doesn’t really look that professional. This mock-up doesn’t really follow traditional magazine conventions because of the absence of the ticker at the bottom as well as not clearly labelling the issue number and price of the magazine on the cover, instead these are located on the actual barcode which can be quite difficult to see. The inside features are also taking up too much room on the cover as they overlap the splash image by quite a bit. There are also hardly any lures within this cover which needs to change. In addition the bullet points I used here were little film reels, however I don’t think they look particularly good.

This is my second mock-up. I have changed quite a lot of it compared to the first one. For this mock-up I changed the splash image to the mask and knife. However th only issue with this image is that it doesn’t  represent the film as well as the previous image does. I also have a box-out to the side because I was just experimenting with the layout. The layout of this mock-up is the most accurate to the template than the others, however I think that the barcode actually looks better on the bottom left hand side and it follows traditional magazine conventions. I have also changed the style of the title Forsaken because the previous one was the same as the poster and I wanted to have a different shade to the poster so it can be distinguished from the poster. I also put a black outline on the title because it makes it stand out a lot more. I like the idea of having the blood dripping from the ‘Exclusive’ because it adds to the whole horror element of the film. I also like the fact that I included the lure at the bottom with ‘plus’ because it then makes this cover look like a proper magazine. I decided to position the issue number and price of the magazine in the top right hand corner separate from the barcode so that it is clearer to read and is more prominent than it would have been on the barcode.

This is my third mock-up. I have changed the splash image to the mask because this is a recognisable symbol of the film. You can also see the mask clearer here with the scar down the face and the killer’s eyes within the mask. I think that this is a better image to represent the film rather than the previous two is because the previous images were unsuitable for a magazine as they were not the right representation of the film. I got rid of the box out at the side because that didn’t follow traditional magazine conventions. I think that this magazine cover looks better without the box out at the side because then you can still see the splash image as well as read the text at the side. I have included a second image on this cover of a freeze from my film trailer. This follows traditional magazine conventions as they usually have one or two images on the front cover. I decided to add an image of the ice cream on the side to correspond with the last story mentioned. The title for this mock-up and the previous mock-up are very similar as the exclusive is the same with the blood dripping off it but the only difference is that the black outline on the title of this mock-up isn’t as prominent as the previous one. This means that it’s a lot easier on the eyes and I think that it looks better than the title on the previous mock-up. I have also enlarged the issue number and price on this mock-up because it stands out more and easily read by the audience better than it would have on the previous mock-up. I havn’t added any bullet points on this cover because I think it looks better without them as they will be overlapping the splash image too much.

This is my final design and the only change that has been made from the previous mock-up is that i’ve added a lure of ‘Plus: Guy Rickie, Ricky Gervais and more’ which makes it look more like an actual magazine.


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